Market Research Finds UK Employees Stressed by Increased Workloads

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4th October 2012 14:08 - Professional Services

A survey published today by business performance consultants Lane4 has discovered that British workers are coming under increasing pressure, with those in middle management positions suffering the worst stress.

The online study, which questioned 1,500 UK employees, found that over 90% of the respondents thought the vast majority of workplace stress is falling on middle management, with a trickle-down effect to junior staff since one in five (20%) people just starting their careers reported feeling extreme pressure.

In total, more than two fifths (43%) of the surveyants claimed they are feeling stressed at work. Those in middle management were found to suffer the greatest pressure, with two in five feeling under severe stress.

The market research further found that over a third of respondents at 34% are worried about their job security because of the poor state of the economy, while private sector workers are coming under increasing pressure as 48% of this demographic reporteda hike in their workload following company redundancies.

Managing Director of Lane4, Adrian Moorhouse, commented: "It's a leaders job to ensure all staff are able to cope in these tough times. If it's junior staff that are feeling a large amount of pressure as revealed in the study, they must provide the tools and techniques to help develop resilience and success strategies. This will help them to thrive on the pressure, rather than crumble beneath it."

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