Market Research Uncovers What Britons Rate as Least Trusted Professions

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19th September 2012 16:23 - Professional Services

A survey of 2,000 people by consumer group Which? has revealed the professions that Britons trust least.

Ranked by the percentage of people who said they are trustworthy, the professions that the public find most suspicious are politicians and journalists (7%), followed by bankers and estate agents (11%).

The market research indicated that the financial sector in particular needs to improve their public image following numerous scandals recently, since only one in ten people trust bankers. Furthermore, two-thirds of the respondents thought that bankers are unlikely to lose their job if they lie or cheat.

Which? is responding to this by launching a campaign called ‘Big Change’, which calls for bankers to be forced to follow a code of conduct and be "struck off" if they fail to comply.

Other professions which the least number of surveyants found trustworthy were builders (19%), civil servants (25%), accountants (29%) and lawyers (35%).

In contrast, the professions which people trusted the most were nurses (82%), doctors (80%) and teachers (69%).

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