Millennial solicitors are quitting law faster than past generations, survey finds

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30th September 2015 16:43 - Professional Services

According to a recent professional services survey, conducted by career change consultants Life Productions, 32 per cent of jobs seekers in the United Kingdom, Millennial solicitors are quitting law faster than past generations, survey findswho are lawyers, are looking for a career outside of law, an increase from 24 per cent in 2007.

The survey findings revealed that there is a contrast between what law students think being a solicitor will be like and how it actually turns out to be. This has been outlined in the survey findings, which revealed that many law professionals are leaving the industry.

The analysis of 1,486 lawyers’ job searches on job portals Reed and Total Jobs, has revealed that 32 per cent of lawyers, earning a salary of more than £50,000 are applying for positions outside of the law profession. The research sample was confined to those who were newly qualified to those with 10 years’ experience as a lawyer.

Similarly, another research project by The Lawyer found that 24 per cent of lawyers would like a change of career.

Life Productions’ survey revealed that many lawyers were applying for positions within banking, insurance and finance (13 per cent), IT and internet business (7 per cent) and construction (6 per cent).

Martin Underwood, Founder of Life Productions and advisor to unhappy corporate law associates, said of the findings:

“Talent retention crisis [within] Big Law is getting even worse as the industry deals with millennials, a generation of professionals who demand work-life balance and a job that is aligned to their values.”

He added:“Working conditions for lawyers at larger firms haven’t changed significantly in eight years. A large proportion of well-paid associates and senior associates continue to resent the lifestyle they are expected to adopt. For them, the high salary is simply not enough to justify the grinding hours, the stress and the lack of control over the volume and nature of work.”

The survey findings come at a time where a raft of City law firms are starting to increase junior solicitors’ salaries and beginning to implement flexible working initiatives, indicating that the employees’ employment options and bargaining power is being boosted in the wake of the economic recovery.

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