Nearly half UK lawyers are using tech that does not meet their needs, finds survey

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11th June 2019 15:57 - Professional Services

Nearly half UK lawyers using tech that does not meet their needs: A survey of UK and US lawyers for Intapp has revealed 46% of those polled in the UK are using technology that falls short when it comes to meeting their business needs. The survey also found that 28% of UK lawyers say the technology they use creates more work for them and is far too complex than is necessary.

The poll of 125 UK lawyers also found that 42% of respondents said that if the software they used in the office was more intuitive their experience would be improved, while four in ten (40%) said it would be improved if the technology had a better user interface.

Looking at the longevity of their careers, 38% of UK lawyers said they were considering a career change in the next year, compared to 31% of US lawyers polled (133). When asked about their reasons for seeking a potential new career, almost a fifth (19%) said the out-of-date software or technology used within their firms was a contributing factor. Three out of 10 UK lawyers said their company does not use software to its best advantage, while 42% believe that in order to adapt and remain competitive, investment in technologies is essential.

When it comes to tech that is beneficial within the law arena, 49% said Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be valuable.

In comparing the UK to the US, the poll revealed that 46% of British lawyers feel technology does not meet their needs, compared to 35% of US lawyers. Similarly, 42% of UK lawyers said they think law firms should be investing further in tech to support legal work, compared to a fifth of US lawyers (20%).

Chris Turk, Intapp Regional Vice President, EMEA, said: “There is a clear demand for technology used by law firms to be more intuitive and, ultimately, tailored to the legal industry in order to fit the needs of lawyers today.”

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