Over two in five accountants state they ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ have optimism for the future, reveals survey

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2nd December 2021 18:14 - Professional Services

Over two in five accountants state they ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ have optimism for the future: A recent survey by ACA students from the accountant wellbeing charity CABA has found that 21% of UK accountants are ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ optimistic about the future of their career. However, a quarter of those polled said they didn’t feel able to speak about their stresses or worries.
The poll questioned over 1,000 UK accountants in June and July 2021 in preparation for National Stress Awareness Day at the start of November. The survey aimed to uncover how accountants really feel and attempted to give advice for the most common challenges that were revealed.
When asked about how their mental health may have affected their work, just over four in 10 said they felt as if they were unable to work effectively because of low energy. Furthermore, three in 10 stated they felt isolated when trying to deal with their challenges.
In addition, over 56% said they felt challenged emotionally in the year leading up to the study taking place. 
The study also aimed to uncover why the accountants might have been feeling the way they did, with a third saying their career, work or studies are the reason for feeling more stressed. Furthermore, 18% stated the impact of the pandemic on their work and life as a key factor, with 14% saying they constantly felt under pressure.
Paul Day, support officer for CABA, said: “Some individuals may be put off from seeking help due to the perception of stigma, time barriers or simply not knowing where to look or how to find help. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, though, it’s vital you get some kind of support.”

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