Recession Stressed Managers Risk UK Business Decline Finds Survey

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17th July 2012 16:47 - Professional Services

Report findings resulting from a survey of over 1,000 managers in 2007 and 2012 by the Chartered Management Institute and Simplyhealth have uncovered the negative impact of the recession on UK professionals.

Compared to 2007, The Quality of Working Life 2012 study found that managers are now working longer hours due to larger workloads; are more likely to go into the office despite being sick and are increasingly suffering more from ill health such as stress and depression.

To make matters worse, the market research also found that negative management cultures continue to prevail in UK organisations. The most common mistakes were found to be bureaucracy (45%), reactive behaviour (33%) and an authoritarian approach (30%).

These harmful management styles have been linked to employee disengagement, a decline in job satisfaction, decreased mental and physical health, reductions in productivity and a drop in overall business performance.

Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute, Ann Francke, commented on the report findings: “It’s official – especially in a recession, authoritarian is out and empowering is in. It’s more than just words – if you’re a trusting manager and are good to your people you can reap big business rewards. If you’re not, you’re causing stress that is damaging the health of your people and the business.”

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