SMEs hire accountants more than any other professional adviser, according to poll

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8th November 2019 14:41 - Professional Services

SMEs hire accountants more than any other professional adviser: A survey has revealed that of all the professional advisers SMEs hire to assist their business, accountants are the most popular, with two thirds of respondents (66 per cent) saying they had hired one for their organisation. The survey also found that SMEs within the financial sector were the most likely to call in support from experts. 

The research by Direct Line for Business, polled 500 UK SME decision makers and found that the second most popular professional advisers were IT or web experts (55 per cent) followed by lawyers, called in by 52 per cent  of respondents. Next were designers (43 per cent), followed by HR experts (42 per cent), management consultants (39 per cent) and project managers (38 per cent). 

Interestingly, almost a quarter (24 per cent) admitted that they left it until they were in a crisis situation before making the call to get help. Nine per cent said they called in a professional adviser because they were in the midst of a crisis and could not rectify the situation internally, while 7 per cent said they made the call when their business started to lose money. 

More than a fifth of those surveyed (22 per cent) said they had not used a professional adviser, with four in ten revealing that this was a decision based on the cost. 

When asked about the impact hiring a professional expert had on their business, more than nine in 10 (95 per cent) said it had a positive impact. 

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