Seven out of 10 consumers happy to use a 'lawbot' instead of a lawyer, survey finds

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26th July 2018 14:37 - Professional Services

Seven out of 10 consumers happy to use a 'lawbot' instead of a lawyer: If you're in need of a legal service but the cost of hiring a lawyer is too high, would you consider a digital 'lawbot' instead?
A survey of 1000 UK consumers and 500 law firms found that 70% of consumers would happily choose an automated online 'lawbot' instead of a real-life lawyer. Their reasons for trading a human for technology? It's cheaper, faster and more straightforward. 
Almost 2 in 10 polled (10 percent) said using a lawbot was a more convenient way to handle their legal affairs, while 56 percent admitted they would be willing to pay a higher price to ensure their needs were met on a faster timescale. 
The new study by Olive Communications, a managed cloud comms provider, found that of all the legal services consumers would like to have lawbot-style access to, insurance claims were top, with 46 percent saying they would use such a service. Other services mentioned were financial disputes (23 percent) tax appeals (23 percent), conveyancing (19 percent), divorce application (14 percent) and unfair dismissal claims (11 percent).
Consumers want better digital services
The research also looked at digital services offered by law firms and found that 34 percent of consumers would like better digital services from law firms such as Instant Messenger or video conferencing to make communication more fluid and save time. Of the respondents polled, 66 percent said they currently have no access to such services. 
The law firms surveyed also had concerns about lagging behind when it comes to digital technologies, with 66 percent concerned that client response times, productivity and chargeable time may suffer if they fail to offer the latest digital services. 
The research also revealed that 71 percent of larger law firms were concerned about falling behind in terms of their digital offering, while SMEs were slightly less concerned at 61 percent. Just under half (49 percent) of the law firms polled were concerned about falling behind the competition. 

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