Should kids risk their career, 50% of women would consider not having any

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27th October 2014 16:56 - Professional Services

The belief that having a child may pose a threat to a woman’s career is enough to make 50% consider not having a baby.

The impact that having a child could have on their career is a worry to 67% and 50% of mothers, who are in work, admit to missing an important moment of their child’s life because of their job.

The survey of 2,000 women, 50% with a child and 50% without, found that half of women who are yet to have a child believe that their current employer would not be flexible with them if they had a family to look after.

It was also revealed that approximately 50% of working mothers have not been present for one or more milestones of their child’s life.

The findings showed that first words were missed by 16%, first steps missed by 15%, and a sports day or school production was missed by 20%.

Juggling caring for their child and working, has been a barrier to remaining in employment for 55% of mothers and 20% said that their employer’s lack of support has made working whilst being a mother hard.

Maternity leave has also been affected for mothers as 40% took 6 months or less.

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