Survey Highlights Consumer Annoyance over Businesses Making Data Blunders

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5th July 2013 16:40 - Professional Services

A survey of over 1,000 Britons has revealed that one in two consumers are "annoyed" by data errors that service companies make, with irrelevant information and misspelt names topping the list of mistakes that make people see red.

The market research, commissioned by data quality service provider Experian QAS, found that 55% of respondents had been sent information about an irrelevant product by a business in the last 12 months, making this the most frequently occurring error.

This was followed by incorrect spelling of a customer's name and being sent duplicate communications, both of which had been suffered by 36% of the respondents.

When asked how they felt when a business makes a data quality blunder, 47% of the surveyants said they are "annoyed" when a business makes mistakes with their personal details, while 35% said they have less faith in the capability of an organisation as a result.

Other findings were that 82% of respondents claimed they would be willing to share their personal information with an organisation as long as they benefitted in some way, with 68% of these saying the most compelling reason would be to save money.

Regarding the most closely guarded personal details that people are reticent to share with businesses, annual allowance came first, followed consecutively by their mobile phone number and sexual preference.

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