Survey of lawyers reveals shift in attitude when it comes to working from home

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30th June 2020 15:04 - Professional Services

Survey of lawyers reveals shift in attitude when it comes to working from home: A survey of lawyers and law firm staff has revealed a change in the number of professionals who would like to work at home permanently once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

The RollOnFriday poll of 2,500 found that 50% of the respondents polled would like to be based at home for the majority of the week once things return to normal - a huge shift from how people felt before the pandemic, when just 2% favoured working from home all week with no days in the office.

Asked about their attitudes before lockdown, 52% of lawyers and staff said they preferred to work out of the business office 5 days a week, with 38% saying 3-4 days and 7% answering 1-2 days. 

Since the pandemic began, attitudes have changed considerably, according to the survey findings, with three-quarters (75%) saying that in the short term they would like to continue homeworking for at least 3 days a week, and two-fifths (40%) saying they would not like to return to the office at all. Only 7% of participants said that they welcomed a return to the office every day of the week. 

Looking at the longer term, just 10% said they would want to return full-time to the office, with a little over a third (35%) saying they would like to go back for 3-4 days a week. 44% said they would prefer to spend no more than 1-2 days every week at the office. One in 10 (10%) said they did not want to go back at all. 

Many lawyers interviewed for the research cited benefits to working from home such as many hours saved in commute times and increased productivity, while others found working from home came with its own issues such as increased hours expected from bosses and a lack of interaction with colleagues.

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