Survey reveals art students work harder than law students

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28th June 2016 16:15 - Professional Services

Survey reveals art students work harder than law students: Findings of a recent survey have provoked controversy within the academic circle after claims were released that law students are not as hardworking as their associates in other subjects.

The study, released by the Higher Education Policy Institute, suggested that art students work harder than law students in their studies for the second consecutive year running; this has, obviously, sparked outrage across the masses of current law students.

According to the survey, which consisted of 15,000 students, proposed that the workload for an art student is greater than their counterparts in law. When taking into consideration the hours dedicated to such things as, independent study, work carried out at home and examining contact hours, it was calculated that the average art student as amassing up to 34 hours a week, whereas aspiring lawyers are only clocking up 29.

The figures from the study show that the average amount of study for a student at university lies at 33 hours per week. Based on these numbers it would seem that law students are actually receiving a lower workload than their counterparts studying other disciplines.

The data published reported that the medical and dentistry sectors maintained their lead totalling at an average of 47 hours per week, with teachers coming in close second at 42, architects at 40 and vets at 37.

On the other hand, law was not the lowest ranking discipline; linguistics, business studies and social studies came in lower averaging at 27 hours in their working week and a mere 25 hours a week for those studying journalism.

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