UK companies regret 1 in 10 recruits, survey finds

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31st March 2015 17:36 - Professional Services

A recent survey has found that UK companies regret hiring 1 in 10 (10 per cent) recruits.UK companies regret 1 in 10 recruits, survey finds

The report, published by recruitment firm, Robert Half, also claimed that 70 per cent of human resources directors have regrets about either a contractor or full-time recruit, who have turned out to be a ‘bad hire’.

Robert Half claims that contractors can avoid being viewed as a ‘bad hire’ by continuously developing their skills and knowledge in a professional manner.

However, the recruitment firm claim that ‘bad hires’ are not entirely the fault of the recruit, and that it is partly a result of recruitment agencies not correctly matching contractors to job opportunities. By doing this, contractors may put forward a candidate with the wrong skill-set for the role.

The 200 human resources professionals were also asked about the consequences of making bad hiring decisions.

The findings showed that 52 per cent experienced a decrease in productivity when they hired an unsuitable candidate. As well as this, 30 per cent said that staff morale was negatively impacted as a result of a bad hire.

17 per cent said that making a bad hiring decision had put financial strain onto the company.

The report revealed that there are major concerns regarding skills shortages, with 91 per cent of the respondents claiming that they were having problems in discovering and hiring skilled contactors and permanent staff.

35 per cent of human resources professional claimed that they had experienced difficulties when recruiting employees with niche or technical skills.

It was also found that demand outweighing supply was also a major issue for 30 per cent of the respondents.

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