Use of online legal services more than doubled since 2012 to 44%, reveals survey

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2nd September 2021 12:07 - Professional Services

Use of Online Legal Services More Than Doubled Since 2012 to 44%:A survey has revealed that the use of legal services has more than doubled since 2012, climbing to 44%. 
The Legal Services Consumer Panel tracker survey observed 3,500 people, also finding that since the start of the pandemic, 54% of consumers have accessed online services at least once.
When choosing which lawyer would be right for them, the survey revealed there  is a variety of opinions about what is best to look for. One in five said the lawyer’s reputation is a key factor, up from 73% in 2012, however, only three in 10 said they would shop around before selecting their lawyer, with 74% of the opinion that they had a wide range of professionals to pick from.
Although there are many different ways for someone to pick the best lawyer for them, many people are choosing correctly the survey suggests, as overall customer satisfaction of legal services used has increased from 79%, in 2012, to 83% in the latest polling in addition, satisfaction with the outcome has also increased since 2012, from 84% to 89%.
Just 9% of respondents said they would describe legal services they have received as poor value for money; however, the results depend heavily on the nature of their situation, or case. For example, people dealing with more personal matters such as their family or injury claims, are less likely to be satisfied with the outcome than people with commoditised matters.
The survey also uncovered that 61% of respondents found out about prices through discussions with their lawyers; 8% through their provider’s website and 2% through other comparison websites. Furthermore, just 6% stated they found it difficult to understand the price based off the information they were given, with 77% saying they understood the prices.
Sarah Chamber, chair of the Legal Services Consumer Panel, said: "While shopping around has increased over the last ten years, past experience or personal recommendations have remained the most popular ways to choose service providers, highlighting the importance of providing every client with a high-quality service."

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