Work-life balance more important than wages when it comes to making a career change, finds poll

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17th August 2021 11:55 - Professional Services

Work-life balance more important than wages when it comes to making a career change: A survey of workers has found that when it comes to considering a change of career, finding the right work-life balance is of paramount importance.

The FlexJobs survey of around 4,600 workers sought to find out what people want from a their employment and which factors would encourage a career change. It found that whilst more than two-thirds would consider a career change (68%), the importance of a good work-life balance was more of driver than salary when it comes to looking at pastures new (56% versus 50%).

The research highlights the trend for workers during the pandemic to reassess their current role, in terms of the job itself as well as the benefits it brings to their broader life, in what is being dubbed 'the great reshuffle'.

Other reasons for wanting a change in career included: wanting a more meaningful of fulfilling career (49%), expanding their professional skill set (43%), lack of advancement in their current career (27%), and looking for a career change due to approaching retirement age (19%). Almost one in five said they would like a career change so that they can pursue a passion or hobby, while 12% said they don't think their current career has ever been a 'good fit'.  Furthermore, 10% said they wanted to turn something they did 'on the side' into a full-time venture and 9% said they would leave if they had finished the necessary training or education.

The FlexJobs research asked respondents how difficult they believe a change in career would be, with more than half saying it will be 'tough but manageable' (53%), whilst more than a quarter (28%) think it will be 'pretty easy' due to their transferable skills. Just under a fifth (19%) said the change would be 'very hard' and they were not sure if it would work.

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