Workplace Survey Discovers Over Familiar Emails are a Big No

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10th August 2012 14:23 - Professional Services

According to a recent survey by Staples UK, overly informal emails in the office are frowned on by clients and leave a negative impression.

The worst email faux pas according to 66% of the professionals who took part in the market research was being sent kisses. This was followed by receiving informal terms of endearment at 54%.

Another major irritation for 58% of the respondents is people who don’t bother to set an Out of Office reply when taking annual leave, while 46% said they were also annoyed by rude Out of Office replies.

Further big email no’s according to the surveyants were abbreviations such as “OMG” and “FYI” (50%), overfriendly, ‘cheesy lines’ such as “Happy Friday!” (28%) and being asked by colleagues and clients about their weekend plans (17%).

In addition, a massive 2 out of 3 UK businessmen and women claimed that easily avoided mistakes with spelling and grammar in emails reflect a ‘shoddy’ work ethic in the sender, causing them to lose faith in that person’s professionalism.

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