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Our approach to audience research strives to be as inclusive as possible, moving beyond more traditional definitions of, and approaches to, audience research to provide a more rounded picture of interactions across the full range of channels. Our team have worked with a wide range of organisations, including those in the creative and cultural sectors, as well as major sports clubs, financial thought leaders, leading media brands and a range of public sector bodies, to gather information about their specific core and emerging audiences.

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By gathering information on the attitudes, interests, knowledge, preferences and behaviours of audiences, the DJS Research team is able to draw out the important findings and direct you in creating an overarching experience which meets needs and expectations, from initial point of interaction via a website or digital channel, through to in-person visits where relevant, and beyond this to include post-visit engagement and feedback.

If you want to understand who is visiting your organisation, why people are visiting your organisation, what people think about your organisation, then we can be of assistance.

Audience research is not just a short-term win, but can instead be used to guarantee that the future of your business is tailored to attract your desired audience and/or appeal to your current audience.

As such, as well as ad-hoc audience profiling or experience research, we also deliver a number of large, on-going audience tracking projects; merging a number of methodologies to provide in-the-moment feedback, allow clients to remain flexible to audience feedback, and to track changes in perceptions, expectations and enjoyment of a destination (be it physical or virtual!). It is fundamental to remain relatable and connected with your audience, and this is where audience research can be of assistance.

DJS Research design all projects bespoke, meaning that any study you undertake with us will be custom-made to suit your exact needs. Every project is looked at with fresh eyes by a team who is committed to understanding not only what insights are required, but how they will be actioned moving forwards. We do not sell ‘off-the-shelf’ approaches, and our researchers strive to  go above and beyond to get to the heart of the research question and find the best, long-lasting solutions. All of our services are fully in-house, providing us with a high degree of flexibility to meet your audience insight needs through a range of methodologies – including CATI, face-to-face, online and qualitative techniques where relevant – in addition to ensuring a high level of quality control and the ability to pivot around changing requirements where necessary. 



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