Branding and Advertising Market Research

Branding and Advertising

DJS Research Ltd has comprehensive experience in conducting branding research and advertising tracking.

A brand is a label or symbol which consumers are willing to pay more for, compared with a similar product or service without this label.  Understanding what this label or symbol stands for, and building upon this understanding is core to getting to grips with what makes a successful vs unsuccessful brand.

There are very few in business who would disagree that creating a strong brand (whether it be a product brand or corporate brand) can drive business success in the competitive markets of today.  Market research can provide invaluable qualitative and quantitative data on the brand and the market in which it operates to enhance strategic and tactical decision making in the future.

DJS Research Ltd has extensive experience of conducting branding research for companies in a range of sectors from fast-moving consumer goods to heavy industry and construction.  Some examples of branding topics researched by us include:

  • Brand performance monitors
  • Brand positioning optimisation
  • Corporate reputation studies
  • Employee brand studies
  • Investor brand studies
  • Brand portfolio management
  • Brand stretch

We also have the capacity to effectively investigate more specific issues such as the relative strength of corporate branding and product.
We recognise that each company’s brand is unique and therefore offer a bespoke branding research service.  However, with all our surveys we ensure that we design research that is action orientated.  Our findings and consultative recommendations enable businesses to make the changes and improvements, which will have the most impact on the strength of their brand.

At DJS Research Ltd we have no ‘off-the shelf’ packages to sell, we look at each branding research project with a fresh pair of eyes – including how we go about conducting branding research.  However, we do believe that there is a clear trajectory (see diagram below) on which the top level is the eventual purchase or commitment to the brand.

Branding and Advertising market research

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