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ChatterZone is our in-house panel of kids, teens and their parents, all ready to take part in research. The panel is constantly growing, and we have thousands of children and young people with parental consent in place to be contacted about taking part in research.

If you need to know what Gen Alpha, Gen Z and their parents are thinking, we can quickly reach out to the ChatterZone panel to help find the answers to your questions. We have people from all walks of life on our panel and we have representation across every age group from 0 to 18, across the UK.

Kids, Teens and Parents Market Research

Kids, teens and parents on our ChatterZone panel take part in all kinds of research for our clients, including:

·       In depth interviews

·       Focus groups

·       Surveys

·       Online communities

·       Ethnography

·       Diaries

·       Quick polls

Our specialist Children and Young People research team are experts in research with young audiences.  We make sure each project is tailored to the age and developmental stage of the children and young people taking part, and we turn their views and ideas into insight for our clients.

To find out more about using the ChatterZone panel to answer your questions, email

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