Kids, Teens and Parents Market Research


ChatterZone is an online parents, teens and kids market research community from DJS Research. The community is on hand to answerKids, Teens and Parents Market Research questions, complete tasks, test hypotheses and provide opinions – allowing clients to access insights from this audience ‘on-demand’.

ChatterZone is comprised of mums and dads with children aged 0-16 years and kids / teens aged 7-16 years.

Clients can choose from a menu of different types of activities including:Kids, Teens and Parents Market Research

  • Forum discussions
  • Diaries
  • Focus groups
  • Quick polls
  • Heat mapping and highlighting tools
  • Video analysis
  • Webcam interviews

Our ChatterZone team will assist in helping you shape your activity for the community and ensure it is age appropriate to the audience. You can opt to set your activity to the whole community or select the sub-groups most relevant to your brand(s), e.g. market research with parents of primary school aged children only.

The parents, kids and teens market research community allows for almost any research requirement:Kids, Teens and Parents Market Research

  • Concept testing
  • Marcomms research
  • Consumer feedback
  • Product development
  • Shopping behaviour
  • Consumer opinion, experience  & behaviour
  • Ideation / co-creation
  • Website, app and mobile testing

Following the completion of your activity we will analyse the output and prepare an insight led report, including; visuals, video, case studies and infographics as appropriate.

For further information about ChatterZone or to discuss contributing an activity for our parents, kids and teens market research community, please contact either Gill Redfern or Alex Noden on +44 (0)1663 767 857 or email

Kids, Teens and Parents Market Research

Below are some comments from our Chatter Zone clients who were impressed with the rigour and enthusiasm of our Chatter Zone community and the ability of the process to address their specific challenges.

“This is great and there are loads in there that the business can use – I’ll be sharing it with the teams in Geneva and Dublin” - Cereal manufacturer

“The report looks amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this before – did you do it in-house?” - Food manufacturer

“The presentation was clear, well thought through and gave us some reassurance around insights we already felt to be true”  - Drinks business

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