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Accompanied Surfs

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Accompanied Surfs

Accompanied surfs (also known as online accompanied shopping) is when a customer is observed as they interact with a product on the internet. Neuroscience is often used in the form of face coding and eye tracking in order to give a clearer image of what the customer is really looking at and their initial reactions. Market research companies will often use accompanied surfs to greater understand how consumers interact with their products online and how best to improve the customer journey.

A benefit of accompanied surfs is that they can be done anywhere as long as the respondent has a computer or a mobile phone. This means it is easily accessible to a lot of people in many different locations. Accompanied surfs can be carried out alongside the researcher asking questions or just off the customer’s own accord - asking questions is good to understand specific, key bits of information the researcher needs to know. However, it can lead to a less reliable overall study as the participant may be swayed as to how they act based on the questions being put to them. The use of eye trackers and face coding can help the researchers understand the genuine response of the participant and gain more reliable results.

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