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Ad Tracking Market Research

Ad Tracking Market Research is utilised to monitor the performance of a brand across a range of criteria including advertising and brand awareness and attitudes about the brand in comparison with competitors. The results of ad tracking market research inform advertisers of an estimate on the return of investment of advertising campaigns which helps to refine advertising strategies moving forwards.

The way in which ad tracking market research is conducted can vary, though there are two main methods. Firstly, they are done on a continuous basis and assess how brands are perceived over an extended period of time. Secondly, ad tracking market research may take place at two specifically selected points in time. The first point would be before the advert is formally launched into the market. The second point would be after the advertising has been running for a significant period. The purpose of this is to determine how perceptions towards the brand and other brands in the market change as a result of the launching of the advert.

In the latter approach, the monitoring of perceptions prior to the launch is especially useful in that it provides not only an insight into how the brand is currently perceived but also a blueprint as to what consumers perceive as good qualities within a specific market and what steps are needed to project this image.

Primarily, ad tracking market research is seen as an evaluative tool which looks back on how well an advertising campaign has gone but this particular approach also allows for pretesting which is a vital research step often missed by those devising advertising strategies.

An area of analysis which should not be excluded in ad tracking market research relates to demographics, especially key demographics such as age, gender and income. These are particularly valuable in that they help to test how a target market has been influenced by the advertising strategy.

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