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Asynchronous Research

Asynchronous research is an approach in which the respondent records their response on their own time - within a given time frame. With the rise and increasing ubiquity of the internet, this type of approach has become more and more prevalent within the market research industry, including a range of tools such as online qualitative communities, bulletin boards, group chats and some approaches utilising mobile ethnography.

Asynchronous approaches are well suited to conducting market research which required individualised feedback or that activities are undertaken individually, as well as for longitudinal research to understand impacts and on-going changes in opinions or activity over a prolonged period of time. A good example of this can be seen on our page relating to online qualitative communities

Another advantage of asychronous approaches is that participants are able to take part regardless of whether or not they can commit to a specfic time slot, as well as allowing participants time to consider their answers, and the research team also have time to consider answers and probe for more detail, which may not be the case in a synchronous setting.

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