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CATI Market Research

In market research, CATI stands for computer aided telephone interviewing. CATI is used when an interviewer is carrying out telephone research - be it B2B or consumer. The interviewer is able to read from a computer screen in the same way as from a paper questionnaire, and the data is input directly on to a system which holds all responses for analysis later. The advantage of CATI is that the respondent is automatically routed through the questionnaire based on their answers - removing the potential for human error and the possibility that incorrect questions may be asked. in addition, the results of each call can be viewed in real time - an advantage in terms of project management, resourcing, and for researchers to get a feel for a set of results before fieldwork has completely ended.

CATI methodologies also remove the need for transferring data from paper to electronic formats for analysis - saving time and again reducing the opportunity for error.

DJS Research Ltd offer telephone market research services through an in-house 50-station CATI unit, with teams of specialist B2B and consumer interviewers. 

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