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CAWI Market Research

In market research, CAWI stands for computer assisted web interviewing - a technique where the respondent follows a questionnaire script provided on a webpage. CAWI allows for the display of images, videos, sounds and even other webpages as visual aids to ensure the respondent understands the product or service they are being asked about. CAWI surveys are designed to be self-routing, so the respondent is moved through the survey depending on their answers to previous questions; routing can be simple or incredibly complex.

CAWI questionnaires are often seen as a cheaper methodology then face to face for instance - but the quality of the data gathered is reliant on a good survey design and requires checks to be made for issues such as 'straight-lining' (when a respondent simply clicks 'A', 'A', 'A' for all the questions in a survey).

CAWI surveys are one form of online market research methodology offered by DJS Research Ltd.

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