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Door-to-Door Market Research Interviewing

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Door-to-Door Market Research Interviewing

Door-to-door market research interviewing is a form of qualitative research whereby a respondent is asked questions on their doorstep, face-to-face. Door to-door market research may be used for several reasons. The most common reason for undertaking this method is to recruit by going to specific addresses. For example an address chosen at random or under a geodemographic classification system may suggest the person who lives at that particular home may meet the sampling criteria.

Door-to-door market research interviewing has many strengths and weaknesses. The strengths can often depend on the person undertaking the research. There is an opportunity available to them to build a rapport with the potential respondent at their door, which can enhance cooperation and achieve good quality results. Depending on the relationship between researcher and respondent interviews can last between ten minutes or over an hour. It can be easier to communicate in a face-to-face environment with questions explained further and probing and pressing carried out naturally.

However, there are disadvantages to using the door-to-door market research interviewing method. For the researcher, it can be time-consuming and expensive. It may be difficult to find respondents who are available in the daytime; if respondents are unavailable, appointments may need to be scheduled, adding to cost and time. If respondents are available to be interviewed interruptions by other members of the household may impact upon the quality of the data. From the prospective of a respondent they may be reluctant to be interviewed on their doorstep and if they are interviewed they may feel the need to reply with more socially desirable answers in the presence of the researcher, therefore compromising the validity of the data.

Although there are many opportunities to gain good results from door-to-door market research interviewing it can be difficult to monitor so there can be a greater chance of bias by both parties.

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