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Exploratory Focus Groups

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Exploratory Focus Groups

Exploratory focus groups are a form of exploratory research. This area of research is used to unpick the research questions it is not used to have a final impact on a project or create solutions to problems. They are useful in helping the researcher to gain a better understanding of the topic and the researcher should bear in mind that the direction of the project may need to be changed if the exploratory research reveals a new insight.

Focus groups provide a good forum for exploratory research as they usually consist of between 6-12 people all in the target group sample. They are common as they help to discover where people stand on an issue and there are enough people within the exploratory focus group to gain a variety of opinions in a short space of time. After the exploratory focus group has been conducted the results and ideas which have transpired may help future research.

This type of research can be used in almost any sector. An example of this would be: a well-known sports brand would like to create a new pair of trainers for young active males. By having an exploratory focus group the researcher could gain an understanding into the style, colours and level of comfort a young active male would want from a new pair of trainers. They could then take this information and use it to channel their future research on the project.

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