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Full-Service Market Research Agency

A full-service agency offers a full end-to-end market research study; from first deciding upon a plan, to analysing and interpreting the data. Often the research company will collect the data themselves, however, they could select to use a separate company that specialises in fieldwork. A research project performed by a full-service agency is long but can be divided into three simple stages…
The first stage is planning and proposal – this will outline the purpose of the study, as well as what is to be achieved. The research company will discuss this with the client and together will decide upon an appropriate plan that covers all aspects of the brief in the most suitable way. This is arguably the most important stage of the study because it lays the foundations for the rest of the project.
The next stage is the collection of data. The research company will decide on whether to gather the information themselves or if they are going to use an independent fieldwork company to do it. This can be done in multiple different ways depending on the brief and the plan.
The final part of the study is the analysis of data. The full-service agency will verify its validity and create an analysis plan. Once the plan has been carried out and all the data has been checked, they will create and present a report about the whole project from start to finish.

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