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Market Research Panel

Market Research Panels are made up of a group of people who meet certain demographic criteria. Respondents who sign up to a Market Research Panel are often willing to participate in multiple surveys over a long period of time, they may be asked to do a range of tasks from keeping a diary, answering questions online or attending focus groups or depth interviews. Market Research Panel members are often compensated for their time with some sort of incentive (cash or gift) for their participation. Market Research Panels are often made up of two audiences: the consumer panel and business panel.

A consumer market research panel would usually include a good cross-section of the population; research would generally focus on buying habits of consumers.

With a business panel, a manufacturer for example, might commission a panel in order to identify what products they should add to their offering etc. A business market research panel is also more focused on the word of business, which might cover questions and discussions about competition, economy, or governments. 

Some companies might have their own specialist panels; others might call upon a panel company to provide the panel and management.

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