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Methodological Triangulation

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Methodological Triangulation

Methodological triangulation is sometimes referred to as mixed method research due to it combining a mixture of market research methods into one topic.

The purpose of methodological triangulation within market research is to increase the validity of a study.

Each method has different strengths and weaknesses. However, methodological triangulation balances them out, and therefore creates a richer and more robust account.

It is important to use methods which balance out each other. An example of this would be to use a mixture of qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Louis Cohen and Lawrence Manion described methodological triangulation as an: “attempt to map out, or explain more fully, the richness and complexity of human behaviour by studying it from more than one standpoint”.

As implementing methodological triangulation in market research gathers a variety of opinions and data, when the methods are combined, they allow an element of cross-checking.

Using methodological triangulation gathers more comprehensive data and a greater insight into a research topic, far greater than adopting just one method.

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