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Multi-Modal Research

Multi-modal research is a type of market research where the respondent is asked to comment on a product using the five senses – smell, sight, sound, taste and touch. This methodology is most used in industries such as food and drink or music, as the business is oriented toward a specific sense. 
Although these industries can be solely associated with one sense, a collection of the other senses can be used to assess and form an opinion about the product. For example, in the food industry, a meal would have to taste good but also look and smell appetising with a texture the customer likes. Multi-modal research would allow the participant to express their feelings for the brand using all the senses available to them.
Multi-modal research can also be used to describe research where different methodologies are used; such as focus groups or an online community. It can be an effective way at saving time and money as you can do a lot of the research and get to know the participants online within an online community. An in-depth observation can then be made during a focus group when the researcher knows a little bit about the participants. 
Performing online market research prior to the actual study could also be insightful for the researcher as to who they choose to observe in a real-life setting. For example, if the participants were asked to give their views on a beef burger, a participant who knows a lot about fast food would likely give a more insightful opinion.

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