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Mystery Shopping Market Research

Mystery shopping is a market research technique that for measuring, and monitoring on an on-going basis if necessary, the interactions between a customer and a company or organisation during a pre-defined scenario. Mystery shopping relies on observation and recall, and can be carried out on both a large and small scale across numerous sectors including but not limited to banks, restaurants, retail outlets, central and local government and the automotive sector.

Often, the process involves a researcher (the mystery shopper) going incognito and reviewing (most often) the activities of staff, the store or office environment, staff friendliness and knowledge for instance. In some instances, the shopper may also consider things such as the number of people in a queue, the number of tills open at a certain time, what items are present on a shelf etc.

Mystery shopping should not be confused with accompanied shops. Mystery shopping is carried out by the researcher, undercover, and reviews staff and the company, whilst accompanied shops are often more focussed on the consumer's actions and involve a researcher literally accompanying a respondent around a store.

Mystery shopping is a key strength for researchers at DJS Research Ltd and we have carried out mystery shops in a wide array of sectors for public, private and third sector clients.

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