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Neuromarketing Research

Neuromarketing research is the area that studies neurological responses to stimuli such as advertisements or branding. Performing a neuromarketing study can help the researcher understand the subconscious decision making and thought process of a consumer through the use of science. Like many market research methodologies, it can involve a variety of different methods including traditional interviews and focus groups.
Neuromarketing is important to understand when trying to promote a company or product. Understanding the unconscious thoughts that people experience when faced with differing stimuli is vital to tailor advertisement for a specific target market.
An advantage of neuromarketing research is there are many different ways of conducting it, allowing the researcher to understand a consumer’s unconscious thoughts. However, these methods are often costly when compared to other research strategies. Methodologies such as eye-tracking and functional MRI scans require equipment that is costly to rent or to buy, but do give a detailed insight into how a person thinks when faced with a certain stimulus.
For example, performing an eye-tracking test, to find out what draws the attention of a specific demographic, could uncover that the participant first looks at the colour blue but then focusses on the colour red after a few seconds. In this case, the respondent might likely suggest that they only noticed the red section. However, the use of eye-tracking shows the researcher that the participant caught sight of the colour blue first, indicating a disparency between the consumer’s conscious and sub-conscious thoughts.

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