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Pilot Study Market Research

A pilot study is performed before the main research study has begun and is used to evaluate the key parts of the proposed study before fully committing. They are more commonly used, and are more effective with quantitative studies, because it is difficult to change a quantitative study after it has started. Qualitative studies, on the other hand, are easier to change and adapt after the main project has started.
Performing a pilot study will often save time because it can uncover issues with the research study that were previously unnoticed. For example, if an important question was missing off a questionnaire, the researcher may have to analyse more data than is needed to see which participants are most suited to a particular study. However, with the question added after the pilot study, the number of viable participants may fall. Using this pilot study, the amount of data that needs to be analysed decreases, allowing for a quicker and easier process.
A further use of a pilot study is to check that the client and the market research company work well together. A pilot study will show if they are on the same page or whether they have two contrasting ideas or plans. It can be viewed as a trial period for both the market research company and client.

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