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Street Research Survey

A street survey is often performed as an interview and is a form of face-to-face market research. The use of a street survey is most effective when a large demographic need to be interviewed, as it is often the fastest method of fieldwork. They can be undertaken at most public events, outside shops or anywhere public, as long as the target population can be easily identified by the researcher. For example, if the researcher wanted to survey University students, they could wait outside a University, and perform the research study there.
Due to the fact that the respondents being interviewed are often busy doing something else, street surveys are kept short and concise; usually no longer than 5 minutes. Most of the questions are closed as to gather as much information as possible in a short amount of time. However, some may be left open for the participant to elaborate on.
One of the most advantageous uses of a street interview is to collect a wide range of public opinion. They also allow for the researcher to read facial expressions in an attempt to ascertain if the respondent is bias, or to ask them to elaborate. Furthermore, street surveys allow for the researcher to engage with the respondent and to be in complete control of extraneous variables.

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