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Website Research Survey

Website surveys are questionnaires used to gather a variety of different types of customer feedback about a website. Like any survey, the correct questions need to be asked in order to gain the most insight into what the customer thinks. The questionnaire is completed online but often on a different site to the one the survey will be about. There will be a link the participant can click on that takes them to the survey site.
Website surveys are a lot faster than most other research methods and are considerably cheaper as well. Furthermore, with the survey being online, the participants enter their answer directly into the system, thus creating a reduced margin of error. However, website surveys often have respondent cooperation issues because the customers are frequently inundated with information from the internet. They are also conducted at the participant’s pleasure, meaning the data received can be viewed as unreliable.
Website surveys can access a vast amount of people in a short space of time. One commonly used method of performing a website survey is via email. The company will send out the link to the survey, or the actual survey, to their existing customers, accessing everyone that has an account involving their email. Similarly, the questionnaire can be sent out via text message to existing customers, if their account has a phone number instead of an email address.

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