Customer Insight Market Research

Customer Insight

Customer insight market research is a key element with our offer. We have extensive experience in helping organisations understand their customers' needs, measure satisfaction and identify priorities for improvement - all of which are closely linked to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, which affect the bottom line and repeat business.

We offer a bespoke customer insight and satisfaction service with no 'off the shelf' packages to sell. We take the time to completely understand your business so that we can deliver targeted, actionable customer insight research which is both feasible and effective.

Our findings enable businesses to understand their customers - their motivations, lifestyles, attitudes and preferences - and then to make the changes and improvements which will have the most impact and ensure that our clients meet their long term aims. Customer insight projects are not just applicable to private sector retailers - we can also carry out this form of research for public organisations such as local councils, or third sector bodies which are seeking to encourage donations.

Customer Satisfaction

Within customer insight market research, one of the most important elements is often to understand customer satisfaction.

On most customer satisfaction projects we look to:

  • Define customer service
  • Measure customer expectations
  • Measure customer perceptions
  • Identify gaps between expectations and perceptions
  • Identify priorities for improvement
  • Monitor performance over time

We have carried out customer satisfaction and customer insight market research for a wide range of clients from across the entire range of industry sectors - in both the UK and internationally. These include organisations in the healthcare, utilities, financial services, telecoms and education sectors among others. Some of the organisations we have worked with include:

  • npower
  • Forest Heath District Council
  • Cunningham Lindsey
  • Anglia Cancer Network
  • Abacus
  • General Dental Council
  • Department for Education
  • CLIC Sargent

For all types of customer insight research, it can often be useful to adopt a two stage approach as outlined below:

Customer Insight Market Research

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