DJS Deliver Donations to CLIC Sargent and Missing People

24th January 2012 13:43

DJS Research would like to thank the numerous individuals, families and companies who donated so generously to our team who completed the Tatton Park Triathlon in September 2011. All the money raised has now been delivered to CLIC Sargent and Missing People. That it has taken this long to come to a final figure for donations is testament to the number of contributions and the longevity of the generosity of all those whom the DJS team work and socialise with. 

In the end, the team completed the course in 02:47:18, including all transitions (2m 32s), with the individual split times being as follows:
Kate Slater, 1.5km Swim: 41:23
Simon Butcher, 40km Cycle: 1:20:16
James Hinde, 10km Run: 43:05
These efforts were rewarded fantastically by members of the public and the business community, and our team managed to raise a total of £1430. In addition, DJS Research Ltd have decided to forego the traditional sending of Christmas cards this year and will instead donate an additional £200 to charity, bringing the total amount raised to over £1600. In the New Year we will continue to support our chosen charities with numerous fundraising endeavours. 

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