DJS Research Ltd Demonstrates Qualitative Market Research Expertise

20th November 2012 13:18

Qualitative projects are by no means a rarity for the research team at DJS Research Ltd, and the past six weeks have seen the Directors complete over thirty group discussions and almost seventy depth interviews – an average of well over two pieces of qualitative field work every day over a five day working week. In addition, the senior research team is also committed to almost thirty more groups in the coming month, with further commissions anticipated before the Christmas period. In addition to group discussions, DJS are also currently carrying out several unrelated strands of product research, two of which happen to be for leading food brands and are pictured below.

On the quantitative side, there are projects running in the UK, France, Germany, Africa and the Middle East in a wide array of sectors – from utilities to charities - dealing with both B2B and consumer respondents. In the last month alone, the in-house telephone unit at DJS Research’s head office registered almost 10,000 complete interviews.

This festive flurry is nothing new for the Cheshire agency who last year completed a major piece of field research in the two weeks before Christmas – speaking to well over 1000 members of the public during the cold-snap which produced an outbreak of snow storms.

Speaking about the spike in qualitative and quantitative commissions around the Christmas period, Alasdair Gleed, Research Director at DJS Research Ltd, felt it was a positive sign for the company:

“I think DJS, more often than not, get the balance right between the amount of qualitative and quantitative work we’re carrying out - we’re really strong all round in that sense and don’t seem to have been pigeon-holed in to one area or another. All the Directors have over fifteen years’ experience, so I think you can certainly say the expertise is there, and it’s great to be able to pass that on to the other members of our team through the opportunities we’re getting with such a wide-range of methodologies.”

DJS Research Ltd is a leading market research agency specialising in consumer and B2B market research for public, private and third sector clients across a wide array of industry sectors. If you have any further questions or would like to talk through a potential piece of market research, please visit DJS Research’s corporate website, get in touch via email or call +44 (0) 1663 767 857.

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