DJS Research Secures Place on Electoral Commission Market Research Framework

31st October 2013 15:46

DJS Research Ltd is pleased to announce the company’s appointment as Approved Suppliers to the Electoral Commission – the independent elections watchdog and regulator of party and election finance. DJS Research joins the likes of IPSOS MORI, GfK NOP and TNS BMRB on the quantitative side of the framework, as one of only seven successful tenderers.

The selection panel praised DJS’ clear evidence of staff expertise, the agency’s focus on robust analysis and clear evidence of how hard-to-reach audiences could be researched cost-effectively.

DJS Research Secures Place on Electoral Commission Framework

This success is one of many recent framework wins for DJS Research which, with a turnover of around £3 million, is punching far above what might be expected when looking at the other successful agencies on the roster, many of whom have turnovers in excess of £75 million. DJS is also an approved supplier for the British Council, one of the world’s largest charitable organisations, The National Archives and the Competition Commission, an organisation demanding the utmost quality due to the public nature of its work. Speaking about the agency’s success in being appointed to major market research framework agreements, Alasdair Gleed, the Research Director who leads many of DJS’ public tender proposals, had the following to say:

“It just shows the quality of service that we can provide. We’re more agile than many of the bigger agencies – more able to quickly respond to our clients’ needs – and we have lower overheads, so there’s a cost impact as well. At the same time, we’re incredibly well-resourced, with an in-house CATI unit, specialist field and data teams, and a fantastic team of experienced senior researchers. There was a time when we were surprised to be awarded frameworks with the likes of Ipsos and GfK, but we’re now at the stage where we expect to compete, and expect to compete very strongly.”

The Electoral Commission is responsible for collecting and publishing key electoral data including turnout, postal voting figures and the number of rejected ballot papers. In addition, the Commission is also responsible for testing the intelligibility of questions for referendums via public tests, and also for conducting public opinion polls relating to the general public’s experience of the election process and their views on specific issues around elections.

DJS Research Ltd offers a range of full-service market research options to organisations in central and local government, and those looking to conduct public consultations, as well as companies in a wide-array of other industry sectors.

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