Fundraising in the age of Covid-19: Our 25 on the 25th Challenge for the Thomas Theyer Foundation

3rd December 2020 07:14

Bike-riding, baking, handstands and pumpkin picking – just a few of the activities undertaken by DJS Research staff and their families to help raise funds for our charity of the year, The Thomas Theyer Foundation, one sunny day in October.

As we were unable to do our planned office-to-office walk (Strines to Leeds) in June because of Covid-19, we wanted to come up with a great alternative fundraiser; something fun that we could do at home, and even get our families and children involved in. We really felt that fundraising at this time was really important as charities have faced additional challenges since the pandemic began, especially some of the smaller ones.

And so came about The DJS 'Do your 25 on the 25th!’ challenge!

Thomas Theyer would have been 25 years-old this year and so we wanted to incorporate the numbers ‘2’ and ‘5’ into our challenge to support his charity, The Thomas Theyer Foundation. The charity was set up by Thomas' parents after he tragically passed away in 2013 and fundraises to help children and young people with additional needs, as well as their families and carers.

For our DJS 'Do your 25 on the 25th!' challenge, the DJS team - along with their families and friends - rode bikes, collected leaves (25 whole wheelbarrows full!), counted pumpkins, baked brownies, trained their dogs, did garden laps and star jumps, caught cricket balls and ran great distances  – taking lots of pictures and videos along the way so we could marvel at their efforts (and make a great little video, which you can see below!).

We are thrilled to announce that we collectively raised £497 in sponsorship money.

DJS Project Assistant, Alex Noden, helped organise the event and ran 25km for her own '25 on the 25th' challenge, along with her running club, The Goyt Valley Striders. One member, Mark Ruston (aka 'Rusty') deserves a special mention for running up and down Eccles Pike 25 times – covering a distance of 57.91km and climbing a massive 4,095m in elevation - all to help us with our fundraising effort. Just wow! 

"It's great that we have been able to do something to support our Charity of the Year, the Thomas Theyer Foundation, after our initial fundraising plans were put on hold," said Alex.

"We've been absolutely blown away by our team and our friends and family, including the many DJS kids who got involved to raise a really great amount for this wonderful charity. Well done to every single person who took part!"

All those involved will soon be presented with a very special medal for their efforts. To see our challengers in action, have a look at our 'Do Your 25 on the 25th' video below!

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