Further Work Experience Opportunities At DJS Research Ltd

26th July 2011 09:27

As a result of continued work experience successes with local students, DJS Research Ltd have accepted an application from Laura Bown, a first year student of Mathematics at the University of Leeds. Laura’s excellent achievements at A-level and willingness to give her time for charitable causes instantly attracted the eye of Trainee Research Executive, Laura Crowe, who deals with work experience enquiries at DJS Research Ltd:

Laura stood out from the first time I read her CV as an excellent candidate for work experience and as someone who could really contribute to DJS in the time she will have here. She describes herself as an ‘enthusiastic, reliable and hard-working individual’ and the experience she demonstrates on paper certainly backs up those assertions. We’re very much looking forward to having Laura in the office and hopefully sparking an interest in the market research industry!”

Laura has a stated interest in the application of maths in business, particularly in the areas of research, statistics and data analysis. As such, the Researchers at the agency have opted to involve her in a large number of quantitative market research projects – although she will still receive instruction and experience in all stages of the market research process and across a number of methodologies.

Laura, who will begin at DJS Research Ltd on July 27th, is looking forward to joining the team until August 10th:

“I’ve seen that DJS have offered work experience to other students and I’m really excited to go to somewhere with a system in place to help students get experience of the business world. It’s a hard time to be a graduate, so I’m hoping that a period of training with a growing company will give me the little extra I need to stand out in the job market.”

If you are interested in a work experience placement with DJS Research Ltd, or if you would like more information about the agency in general, please contact the company via their website, or call +44 (0) 1663 732721.

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