In Praise Of Our Interviewers

17th May 2012 11:45

Over the past year we at DJS have received a lot of very positive feedback concerning our interviewers. On several occasions, clients have visited our offices and been able to observe our telephone interviewers at work.  On more than one occasion, the attitude, experience and personal skills of our interviewers has been noted by those visiting and this has often been cited as a major factor in why we were selected to carry out a particular research project. Our interviewer’s commitment to meeting a deadline and perseverance when dealing with difficult target respondents has also been highlighted.

Before beginning any projects, our interviewers are fully briefed on the technical aspects of any products or services around which a project is based. Through this, we have gained the trust of several of our larger clients that we are capable of dealing with assignments which require a deep insight in to their area of operation; this has led to several repeat commissions and the development of relationship clients.

All interviewers at DJS Research Ltd are fully proficient in B2B and B2C market research interviewing. The majority have multiple years’ experience, with several having at least five years’ worth of market research expertise to their name. This experience and proficiency is spread over numerous sectors – from the voluntary sector, through education and finance, to utilities and heavy industry. Our telephone unit is well-equipped to carry out research anywhere in the UK and internationally, and we are able to provide telephone interviewing as a stand-alone service.

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