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9th July 2019 11:02

A work experience placement at DJS Research offers students, or those who are thinking about a career change, the opportunity to get a feel for the market research industry and see what it's like to work at a busy agency. With no two days the same, students get to spend time with researchers, the creative and social media teams and with the telephone interviewing department to gain a real insight to what we do here - and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way! Last week we welcomed A Level student, Francesca, who excelled in every area she turned her hand to and has written a few words about her time with us...

"My name is Francesca and I’ve been on Work Experience for the past week here at DJS Research.

I’m 18 years old, attend Aquinas College and in September, I will be starting U6th. I’m also registered SVI; severely visually impaired. That last part made it generally harder to find appropriate work experience, but I’m glad to say my week at DJS has pretty great!

Before I came to DJS for work experience, I had a general idea about market research, but now I know a lot more – and a lot more accurately – what it’s about. I was a bit worried; not really sure what I’d be able to do, what with my disability, but I was mostly just interested in what I’d be doing for the reason that I’d never done anything like it before.

On Monday, I met a lot of people, namely the team ‘The Cloud’; Emma, Tatiana, David, Kelly, etc (all teams are named after hills, which is pretty entertaining – and there’s too many people to name all of them), and I did some transcribing, which is time-consuming but definitely interesting, since the things you’re listening to are definitely informative and certainly stuff I’d never heard about before.

On Tuesday, I met Angharad and Steph, who do Animation and Graphic Design respectively. I did some storyboarding and some laminating and I learned a lot about the role of animators and graphic designers in this business, which was really interesting, I really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday, I met the people in CATI – computer aided telephone interviews; I met Michelle and Liz and Maggie and Carol and everyone (there are too many names to put here), and that was nice. I also did some CATI work myself, which was a very useful experience.

Thursday, I met Gaynor, and learnt about the ways in which DJS uses social media, which was really enlightening, and I attempted a go at writing an insight article – which I’m told wasn’t bad – and I enjoyed doing that.

My worries about my visual impairment and how it might impact what I was able to do this week turned out to be pretty unfounded; I used the magnifier application to zoom in to whatever amount was necessary at that time, scaled the UI, and if it was in word I just fixed the text to the size, font and colour I need, which is Arial Rounded MT Bold, size 24, in black. The stairs still remained an issue – I have depth issues, so going down is a problem – but I didn’t need to use them much at all, especially on Wednesday, given CATI are downstairs, so it didn’t affect my week as much as it could have elsewhere.

From what I’ve seen this week, Market Research seems like a really important and useful thing to have, and an interesting thing to do. There’s always something going on, so you definitely don’t get left with nothing to do, generally speaking.

I would definitely recommend doing work experience at DJS Research – it was interesting and enjoyable, and everyone I met was genuinely nice and helpful. For other people looking for work experience, I really do recommend doing it here."

James Hinde, Research Manager at DJS Research said: 

“It was our pleasure to have Cesca for work experience at DJS Research.  We are always happy to offer opportunities to people regardless of disability and keen to understand how we can make our workplace accessible.

With just a few small adjustments, we were impressed with how self-sufficient she was and by her enthusiasm for the different tasks.  She has even been invited back to CATI to do some summer work and we look forward to seeing her again!”

If you'd like to learn more about a work placement with DJS Research get it touch to find out more. 

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