Just how much can you learn about market research in a week? Quite a lot, according to our recent work experience guests!

6th February 2020 11:32

Forget endless tea rounds or hours standing over the photocopier - a work placement at DJS Research offers students the chance to see what a typical day in market research looks like across a number of departments, as well as learn more about the wider industry. 
Our most recent guests, who were from a local high school, were given the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of tasks spending time across research, data and operations, our telephone unit (CATI), and our creative department. 
After a big welcome and an overview of the company by HR Manager, Lucy Pawson, Kieran and Finley spent time in Data Services and Data Support to learn more about the world of operations, followed by half a day in our CATI telephone unit where they had the opportunity to conduct a telephone interview themselves. The students also worked alongside Research Manager, Emma Lay, where they gained real insight into the working world of market research and had the chance to sit in on company presentations. 
Time was also spent within our creative department, learning about our various market research outputs as well as being shown how to create an animated storyboard - which they had a go at themselves. 
To wrap things up, DJS Research MD, Danny, spent time chatting to them about the business and how the Company has grown to where it has today.
"It was great to welcome Kieran and Finley to the team for a week," said HR Manager, Lucy.  "They really got stuck in and enjoyed a full week of learning and engaging with the world of market research."
"They arrived with a great attitude and were friendly and professional from the start. The feedback we had from the various departments was extremely positive. We hope they found their time with us useful and we wish them all the very best for the future."
But what did our workies make of their experience? 

Kieran's feedback:

"My time at DJS Research was a great opportunity for me to learn what life will be like once I leave school. It has been very enjoyable to work with the different teams - and even have a go myself," he said. 

"I believe I will be a lot more confident now when applying for new jobs as I have developed some transferable skills such as clear communication, which I learned whilst doing a Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI)."

"Everyone has been so welcoming and surprisingly, I managed to remember most people's names!"


Finley's feedback:

Finley had an equally positive experience and despite the first-day nerves, described his time as "one of the best and most unique experiences" he's had. 

He told us: "DJS Research was probably the best place i could have chosen for my work experience as i got to try new and different experiences every day."

"Everyone was very welcoming and showed me what to do. I got to see what it would be like doing different jobs [within market research] and I've learnt many things.

"Being here has definitely been enjoyable!"


If you'd like to know more about work experience at DJS Research get in touch for a chat! 


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