Our healthcare focus – the prognosis looks good!

21st February 2024 10:14

Healthcare research remains a major priority for DJS Research. We are committed to delivering insight we believe can positively impact healthcare professionals, patients and their families across the globe.

In the last twelve months alone, we conducted over 30 projects related to the global healthcare sector, for clients ranging from the NHS and government bodies, to charities, academic publishers, medical device manufacturers, technology companies, professional associations and more. 



Throughout these projects we’ve engaged with clinical practitioners across a wide range of disciplines, as well as non-clinical professionals within the health and medical sector. The breadth of our research extends right through to public perceptions and experience, and as such we are also highly skilled in the engagement of patients, caregivers, and their families, always ensuring they are handled with the utmost care and respect.

Working across the entire spectrum of this sector provides us with a 360-degree view of healthcare and unrivalled expertise within its diverse applications.

As our healthcare research covers an extensive range of key topics and health matters, the depth of our sector knowledge and understanding is always increasing. In 2023 we grew our expertise in more than ten disease areas, and our work encompassed not only the provision of disease care and treatment but the firsthand experiences of both patients and caregivers. 

Our clients tell us that our involvement in different areas of the healthcare sector affords us nuanced understanding of the landscape that brings valuable perspectives to the insight we deliver.

The medical devices market is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare, which we have been working in now for more than a decade. Over this time we’ve conducted hundreds of projects for some of the largest Medtech manufacturers in the world. Like all sectors, medical devices has its own set of unique challenges as providers seek to assert their superiority in a highly competitive field whilst navigating frequent regulatory changes and differences between countries. We pride ourselves on the agility of our solutions which provide our clients with the insight they need to tackle these challenges head on. Much like the medical technologies and devices we research, we ensure our approach continues to evolve to meet our clients’ needs.

And our team are incredibly passionate about the work that we do:

Charlotte Sykes, Research Director: 

“I’ve been working in this sector for over 10 years now and I still get so much from it. I especially love the global perspective of my work – I’ve always felt like you can learn a lot about a country from its healthcare system! I’m excited to continue to see where the technology and AI take us next, it feels like we’re on the threshold of amazing advances and I hope our research can contribute to that.” 

Rachel Bond, Research Manager:    

"I want to help clients understand patient needs and experiences, and it’s important to me to feel I am making a difference to benefit patient care.”


To discuss any aspect of healthcare research and chat through how we might be able to help you improve your prognosis for the year ahead, get in touch today!

Email Charlotte Sykes, Research Director, csykes@djsresearch.com


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