Placing wellbeing at the heart of DJS Research

1st February 2024 14:08

The happiness of our people has always been at the very heart of everything we do as, quite simply, without our amazing people there would be no DJS Research! The importance of workplace wellbeing is something we truly believe in and it’s this core belief, and the desire to protect and enhance the welfare of our people which was magnified by the covid pandemic, that led to the creation of our incredible Wellbeing Team in late 2020. 
What started out as an idea between two compassionate colleagues, keen to raise awareness of the signs that might suggest a team-mate is struggling, has evolved into a fully formed team of passionate wellbeing champions from all over DJS Research. Becoming employee-owned in 2021 further cemented our commitment to our people - now our partners - and our Wellbeing Team help ensure health and happiness remain a top priority.  
Each year the team roll out a wide range of engaging activities designed to have a positive impact which extends far beyond our day jobs. From encouraging partners to get active with ‘Wellness Wednesday Walks’ and our annual ‘Get Up and Go’ challenge, to fact sheets providing essential information about core health matters and fun competitions and challenges which enhance connectivity and a shared sense of belonging. Every idea is designed with personal wellbeing in mind. 
Taking time out to grow together – the DJS sunflower challenge! 
One brand new, and blooming marvellous, initiative from last year which captured the hearts – and green fingers - of many was our DJS sunflower challenge. With the proven psychological benefits of gardening firmly in mind, last April, our Wellbeing team sent every partner across our organisation a little packet of seeds with the encouragement to take time-out to plant them and ‘grow together’. And boy did our partners rise to the challenge - literally! 
DJS sunflowers grew strong and tall all over the country and beyond, with seeds planted as far away as Spain and France! Engagement levels were phenomenal, with partners wanting to share their growing stories, proud of their progress and many getting their families involved in the fun. A bit of healthy competition naturally ensued and, much to everyone’s excitement, the tallest flowers exceeded a whopping 8.5ft! 
The positive impacts of this little gardening challenge really cannot be underestimated. It encouraged time for personal wellbeing and enjoyment and brought our partners closer together – the perfect combination. 
A big thank you!
This short video is a mini celebration of the fantastic work of our Wellbeing Team in 2023 and we’d like to extend our huge thanks to them all from everyone at DJS. We can’t wait to see what ideas they have in store for us in 2024! 

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