Spreading the Christmas cheer!

5th January 2016 09:44

This blog was written by Beth Harcourt, Marketing Coordinator

On the Monday before Christmas, Steph Skupien (Data Visualisation Specialist) and I volunteered our time to help out at Mission Christmas – a campaign which is run by Key 103’s Cash for Kids, who fundraise for, and arrange presents to be distributed to, underprivileged children in the Spreading the Christmas cheer!Greater Manchester area.

The day was bleak, but this did not hamper our Christmas spirit and we set off on our way to Trafford, eager to help children during the festive season!

Upon arrival we were greeted at Bathroom Takeaway’s warehouse by other volunteers, who quickly briefed us on the day’s task – to organise bags of presents for youngsters from a massive array of gifts, all donated by kind individuals from all over Manchester. Since 2014, DJS Research has donated gifts to the cause, collecting approximately 60 items across the two years for young Mancunians in poverty, so it was lovely to see first-hand where our donations go after they have been collected.

Spreading the Christmas cheer!What initially struck me as fantastic was the amount of volunteers helping out. Including us, I must have seen more than 80 people all working hard to help make underprivileged children’s life much happier on Christmas morning.

Being a young adult myself, I got to work sorting out a gift bag for a teenage girl aged between 16 and 18, whilst Steph drew on her experience looking after her young nephews, and began organising presents for a young boy, aged 6 to 8.

After a lot of deliberating over what gifts particular age groups would love, and recalling on what we, and children we know liked to play with as kids, Steph and I managed to organise a selection of gifts for approximately many children and teens of all ages! With each bag containing around £40 worth of presents per child, we’re confident that many children across Manchester had a fabulous Christmas at the hands of Cash for Kids and their kind-hearted donors and volunteers!Spreading the Christmas cheer!

Whilst the volunteers beavered away, Cash for Kids kindly laid out a fabulous buffet-style refreshment table, full of pastries, cakes, sweets, fizzy pop and other tasty treats – perfect for a mid-shift pick-me-up!

After a lot of tiring – but rewarding! – work, Steph and I retired for home feeling a sense of pride that we had really made a difference to many Spreading the Christmas cheer!youngster’s lives and that we had really done something great. We absolutely loved our day volunteering at Mission Christmas – not only was it an excellent team-building exercise for the Marketing department at DJS Research, but it was great to see behind the scenes at Mission HQ!

According to a thank you letter we received off the charity, Cash for Kids raised £1,962,467 worth of gifts to help 51,390 local children - a 38% increase on 2014! That figure alone is enough to motivate us to certainly collect many more gifts in 2016!

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