We have been named as one of the ‘fastest growing individual agencies’ by the Market Research Society

17th January 2022 23:15

Just before Christmas, we received some exciting news when the MRS Research Live Industry Report 2022 was published; our newly employee-owned agency has ranked 11th in the Society’s 'fastest growing individual agencies’.

It comes after a brilliant 12 months for the company, where we have continued to thrive; have welcomed many new people to the business, expanded our remote-worker network, awarded well-deserved promotions to a number of staff and have celebrated our 20th anniversary by restructuring the company, making our staff company partners.

In the report introduction, CEO of the MRS, Jane Frost, highlights that despite a turbulent period owing to the ongoing pandemic, the market research sector grew by 0.8% - a growth she points out has been generated by fewer than half the companies in the MRS top 100.

In 2020, DJS Research grew by 22%, up to £6.291M, from £5.161M in 2019, despite having to navigate the uncertainties of Covid-19.

Compiled from financial data from 2020 (collected last year), the MRS league table 2022 figures are based on UK-based turnover and international work managed and invoiced from the UK.

According to the report, the UK ‘remains the largest European supplier of market and social research’, with an industry value of more than £7 billion, up 40% on 2016 figures, and providing at least 64,000 people with employment. The UK ranks only second to the U.S. in global terms  when it comes to market research. 

'Perspectives from the fastest growers'

Our Chairman, Danny Sims, was asked to contribute to the 'perspectives from the fastest growers' section of the report, where he spoke about our experiences during the pandemic; the company’s future plans including a plan to secure and invest in junior talent, digital transformation and the resurgence of more traditional approaches, as well as the importance  of employee engagement.

Speaking about the report, Sims said:

"We are absolutely thrilled to learn that we have ranked 11th in the Market Research Society's 'fastest growing individual agencies' table, growing 22% on the previous year. Although Covid-19 has presented many challenges for the industry, and for our business, it has also been a period of great and positive change for the company and we're looking forward to our journey forward as an employee-owned agency."

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