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If you wish to complete surveys for money, then make sure you are over 16 and click the link which will take you to Opinion Exchange's website where you can sign up and get started today. To learn more about Opinion Exchange and DJS Market Research then read on.
Sign up: Complete Surveys for Money
If you sign up to Opinion Exchange you will start to receive emails inviting you to surveys, you will get a survey opportunity as regular as possible but this is likely to be once or twice a month. If you don't choose to take part or you miss the original invitation then you will also receive reminder emails too. These are the only type of emails that you will receive, you will never receive spam, sales or other unwanted emails from DJS or Opinion Exchange. Opinion Exchange is where you sign up and where you will get the invitation emails from and DJS Market Research are who uses the findings to present to their clients. Signing up is also free of charge and there won't be any hidden charges along the way either.
As well as not receiving unwanted emails, we can also assure you of another thing. Your data and details will always be protected and looked after and at no time will it be shared to any third parties without you permission. You'll be protected by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act, once you sign up.
How much do the surveys pay?
The surveys you will complete pay between £0.50-£2.00 but if you you get given a more in-depth one or an in-depth interview then you could be looking at receiving significantly more for your time. What it is based on for surveys is time so the longer the survey takes you the more you will get paid. Our surveys tend to last anywhere between 5-10 minutes. Once you have earnt a minimum of £4 you can then withdraw to your PayPal so make sure you have that set up, the maximum withdrawal amount is £200.
Completing a survey steps: Sign up - Wait for an invite - Complete the survey - Earn PayPal credit -  Withdraw to your PayPal -  Repeat
The steps are very simple and it doesn't take long for you to complete, so feel free to sign up today and get started.
As well as surveys, Opinion Exchange provide other research opportunities like Focus Groups, In-depth Telephone Interviews and Product Testing. You will also receive emails to these if you fit the client requirements but if you don't want to take part in these then you can simply ignore the invitation email and the reminder emails. These research tasks do tend to take longer than surveys but they also provide a bigger incentive, which is why you might also want to take part in these types of research too. We hope you choose to sign up to Opinion Exchange so you can exchange your opinions for rewards by taking part in our surveys or other forms of research that appeals to you.
Click here to sign up to Opinion Exchange now and start earning: Sign Up to Complete Surveys 

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