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To take part in paid online research, then make sure you are over the age of 16 and willing to give your time and opinions to help us get the data we need. If you are ready to take part now then sign up to Opinion Exchange here: Paid Online Research and complete the registration form and the profiling survey, in order to get the best chance of being picked.
Once you have signed up to Opinion Exchange, it gives DJS Research permission to contact you regarding online research opportunities. When you are contacted, you will never receive spam, sales or marketing messages, it will always be regarding research opportunities from DJS Research only. No third parties will be involved. The main way you will be contacted from Opinion Exchange or DJS Research is through email, or sometimes phone calls, so check your emails reguarly if you are ready to take part straight away. In the email you receive, it will provide you with all the details necessary about the paid online research you have been offered to take part in. This will include when you can do it or when it is scheduled for, what incentive you will receive and how long it will take you to complete.
As an Opinion Exchange panel member, we can guarantee a few things to reassure you. You will never be charged for signing up or for taking part in research and your data will always be protected and only used for research purposes only. The Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act will protect you from anything happening. Your data will never be passed to third parties without your permission and there will never be any hidden fees either.
On average, you will be invited to take part in online research tasks around once or twice a month depending on the subject matter and what types of people the clients need for their research. You will be invited to a range of research tasks, some of which might not be online, so if you are not interested then just ignore the invites and select the ones you wish to take part in. Taking part in research may not be a frequent opportunity, which is why we suggest that you take part when you can, as chances might not be regular.
If you wish to take part in paid online research with Opinion Exchange and DJS Market Research then press the sign up link here: Opinion Exchange Sign Up
What is Online Research?
Online Research is methods that researchers use to gather the needed data via the internet. This can be by using a zoom call for example or by filling out an online survey on a website. All the methods you sign up for will be online based but if some non-online opportunities pop up you don't have to take part in them, unless you are willing to complete them as well.
What types of online research will I be invited to?
The research that we offer online is online surveys, online focus groups and in-depth telephone interviews. You could be offered to take part in either of these three methods depending on what the researcher is looking for and the subject matter of the research. When you receive the email inviting you to take part you will see what type of research you have been invited to take part in.
What are the incentives for taking part?
Online Surveys = £0.50 - £2.00
In-depth Telephone Interview = £20.00 - £50.00
Online Focus Groups = £30.00 - £150
The amount you get paid for taking part depends on who the researchers need to speak to and the subject matter being discussed, you will find out how much you will be getting paid on the invitation email so read through it carefully.
What happens once I have joined Opinion Exchange?
Once you are signed up to Opinion Exchange, you are ready to take part in online research. All you have to do is wait patiently until you receive an invitation email from DJS Research, we can't predict how long this will take but if you complete the profiling survey your chances of being picked are higher. As well as waiting for an email once you have joined, you will also become part of the Opinion Exchange panel. This means you will be actively receiving research opportunities for incentives, as you have agreed to take part in research projects. You can remove yourself from the panel at anytime if you no longer want to take part in research but any rewards you have accumilated will not be paid out, unless this is done beforehand.
What is Opinion Exchange and DJS Research?
Opinion Exchange is a panel/database of people who are willing to take part in research projects. DJS Research can then invite anyone who has signed up to the database and ask them if they want to take part in an online survey, for example.
Meanwhile, DJS Research is a market research company, from the North West of England, who own Opinion Exchange and can access it to find people who want to take part in research projects. These projects are done for clients who want to find out something specific about their company, for example what areas they can improve on. It can be qualitative or quantitative research.
We hope you decide to sign up to Opinion Exchange.

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